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George Papaconstantinou

George Papaconstantinou

Transformation of Global Governance Project

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Professor Papaconstantinou has served government at the highest level, as cabinet minister, member of parliament and MEP. As Greece’s Finance Minister and subsequently Minister of Environment and Energy, he guided implementation of an ambitious and wide-ranging governance reform programme relating to budget and revenue processes, market liberalisation, as well as to publicly owned corporations and the divestment of state assets. 

In the earlier part of his career, he was a senior economist at the OECD, subsequently served in a policy advisory capacity for the Greek government, was a Board member of the largest telecoms company in Greece, taught at the Athens University of Economics and Business and consulted for the European Commission and international think-tanks. Since leaving public office, his work has focused on economic and financial policy-related analysis and governance issues. He has recently published Game Over: The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis.

At the School of Transnational Governance, and in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Prof. Papaconstantinou will be leading the Transformation of Global Governance project, a major research and policy analysis endeavour initiated by the EUI. Its aim is to decipher the transformation of global governance underway in a series of fields and to assess the effectiveness of the emerging global governance arrangements.