School of Transnational Governance


High-level Commission Calls for Long-term, Stable Carbon Pricing Policies

A new report co-authored by EUI Professor Jos Delbeke tackles concerns about industrial competitiveness, which according to the experts can be addressed through strong carbon pricing policies.

Prof. Rubio Marìn Gives Lecture in Women's Rights at the Yale Law School

The Gruber Distinguished Lecture in Women's Rights features speakers whose exceptional achievements have served the causes of global justice and women's rights.

Welcome New Policy Leader Fellows!

Selected out of more than 650 applicants, the third cohort is here to engage with the EUI community on topics as diverse as transnational parties, climate policy, democratic representation and more.

There Is Much to Gain from a Peaceful, Transnational Arctic Region, Says Fabrizio Tassinari

Trump's bid to purchase Greenland might seem surreal, but it illuminates a challenging geopolitical paradox, writes the Executive Director of the School of Transnational Governance on The World Post.

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