School of Transnational Governance

The STG Lays Groundwork for Partnership with Fudan University

STG's Director Miguel Poiares Maduro met with Fudan University's vice-President Chen Zhiming to discuss the future cooperation between the two institutions.

Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro took part today in the Shanghai Forum, the annual academic conference co-hosted by Fudan University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. 

In the context of his participation in the Forum, he met with Prof. Chen Zhimin, vice-President of the Shanghai-based University, to discuss the future cooperation and partnership foreseen between the the two institutions. 


Meeting Miguel Fudan

Already in October 2018, the School of Transnational Governance and Fudan University had organised a High Level Policy Dialogue focusing on the transnational governance of infrastructures and China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The event brought together esteemed academics and policy makers to discuss opportunity and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative. Policy recommendations that emerged during the Dialogue are compiled in the Policy Brief 'Infrastructure and transnational governance : the new crossroads of the Belt and Road Initiative'.