School of Transnational Governance

"A lucid look at a changing world"

STG Professor Daniel Innerarity receives the Euskadi Literature Award 2019.

On Monday 18 November 2019, STG Professor Daniel Innerarity received the Euskadi Literature Prize for his book ‘Política para Perplejos’ (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2018). The jury describes the publication as “a lucid look at a world whose foundations, laid down over centuries, are changing without political agents knowing what to do.”

In “Politica para Perpleios”, Innerarity critically assesses the situation of uncertainty and perplexity in modern societies. According to the Jury, "Innerarity's reflection makes it possible (...) to understand why things are happening that we never thought would happen. Or that they were going to happen again.”

Each year, the Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country assigns the Euskadi Literature Prize. The prize aims to promote the prize-winning works and their authors, as well as the rest of their literary production.

Daniel Innerarity is part-time Professor at the School of Transnational Governance (STG). He is Professor of Political and Social Philosophy at the University of the Basque Country and the Ikerbasque Foundation for Science, Spain. He is also director of the Instituto de Gobernanza Democrática.