School of Transnational Governance

The STG Launches New Collaboration with the DCU Brexit Institute in Dublin

The two institutions will run joint Executive Training Seminars on Brexit.

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a national referendum to leave the European Union — a process known as Brexit. Arguably the most important political event in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Brexit represents one of the main challenges faced by the EU today.

The withdrawal of the UK from the Union would mean changing its internal dynamics: should the process be finalised, the EU would lose one of its largest member states, and would need to develop a completely new model of British-EU relations.

While Europeans are watching the negotiations with bated breath, the School of Transnational Governance is pleased to announce the new collaboration with the Brexit Institute of the Dublin City University.


Prof. Maduro (STG) shakes hands with Prof. Fabbrini (DCU Brexit Institute)

Established by the DCU with the aim to explore the legal, political and economic implications of Brexit, as well as its impacts on government, business and society, the Brexit Institute operates as a hub and a magnet for the analysis of Brexit, both from an academic and a policy perspective.

The STG and the Brexit Institute will jointly organise Executive Training Seminars on Brexit starting in Spring 2019. These trainings will take place both in Dublin and Florence, and will focus on the implications of Brexit for finance and trade specifically, and for institutions and governance more generally.

‘We are delighted to start this cooperation with the EUI’s School of Transnational Governance,’ said Prof. Federico Fabbrini, Director of the Brexit Institute.

‘The cooperation will be mutually beneficial’ said Fabbrini, noting that ‘the DCU Brexit Institute enjoys unique expertise in exploring all issues related to Brexit from a research and policy perspective, while the School of Transnational Governance has an unparalleled experience in running high-level Executive Trainings.’

‘Whatever the final outcome of Brexit will be (Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit or even Remain), it will have profound consequences for the UK, the EU and its Member States,’ said Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro, Director of the STG, adding that ‘the School of Transnational Governance of the EUI is happy to cooperate with the DCU Brexit Institute in developing a training programme that will map those consequences and assess how to address them.’