School of Transnational Governance

Behavioural Social Sciences and Policy Making

ETS Behavioural Sciences


Date: Spring 2021

Place: European University Institute, Florence

Course Coordinators: Arthur Schram (University of Amsterdam) and Michèle Belot (European University Institute), in collaboration with Gaby Umbach (European University Institute)

  Training Programme

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This three-day executive training is a collaboration of the EUI's School of Transnational Governance and EUI-CIBER. It can be combined with an additional two-day module. Its key target audience are practitioners, policy-makers and public officials at national or EU level who are interested in behavioural responses to policy implementation in order to understand how human behaviour impacts policy delivery and to learn how to use such insights when designing policies. All the topics are designed to demonstrate how recent academic expertise can be applied to policy-making. 



Three-day Executive Training Seminar

The three-day spring school consists of policy-relevant lectures, keynotes, and case study modules.

Lectures: Professors of the European University Institute and invited guests teach the essential knowledge that is important for understanding how information from Behavioural Social Sciences can inform policy and policy-making.

Keynotes: A key academic expert and a key practitioner present recent developments in the area of their expertise.

Case Study Modules: Experts describe a policy-relevant case and present insights from research for addressing the question in practice.


Additional two-day Module

The additional two-day module offers a practice-oriented hands-on experience in ‘Designing and Executing an Experiment’. A selection of participants form groups, specify a policy question and design an experiment to address this question. Admission to the additional module is limited. Priority will be given to applicants who also apply to the Executive Training Seminar. 

This may be a lab experiment or a field experiment. The experiment is executed with other participants as experimental subjects and the results are presented. This hands-on approach provides the know-how to understand and evaluate policy-relevant experiments that are carried out by third parties.



Participants can sign up for the three-day spring school at a fee of 1,950 €.

It is also possible to attend one module of the three-day ETS only (Policy Design or Mechanism Design) at a fee of 1,250 €.

The additional two-day module (Thursday and Friday) can be followed at a fee of 950€.

This includes all activities, daily lunch, one joint dinner, and a book on the topic.Travel and accommodation are not included in the fees.