School of Transnational Governance

Learning from Conflicts: Approaches to Peace-Building and the Role of Europe

STG MED Peacebuilding 1


Date: Spring 2020

Place: European University Institute, Florence

Scientific Coordinator: Luigi Narbone (EUI) 


The Executive Training analyses different approaches to conflict resolution and peace-building and the role that Europe can play in these processes.

During the three-days training you will take part in interactive sessions and workshops with prominent academics and experienced professionals in the field.

The training is organised in collaboration with the MEDirections programme and has come to its third edition. 


The theoretical frame of the course is provided by three prominent scholars, while researchers and professionals with conflict-specific experience will give their perspectives on the main themes covered: drivers of conflict, and the economic and political dimension of peace-building and negotiations. 

Learning Objectives

  • Different approaches to conflict resolution and peace-building
  • How to create positive engagement with local stakeholders 
  • Techniques for conflict prevention and mediation
  • Key pointers in humanitarian assistance
  • Identifying, anticipating and managing international risks


Learning Methodology

Participants will analyse these issues in the framework of three strategic areas, with insights from economics, political science, psychology and organisational behaviour:

  • Political and economic dimensions of conflict resolution and peace-building;
  • Drivers of conflicts and conflict resolution;
  • Approaches to diplomacy and negotiation.


Target Group

The course is aimed at the training and networking of:

  • Practitioners and policy makers working in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, mediation, prevention of violent extremism and humanitarian assistance;
  • Officials from EU institutions, Member States' governments and International Organisations;
  • Practitioners and consultants from the private sector;
  • Managers from the NGOs.

Fees: 1,300 € 

A discount of 25% will be applied to the charges for international European and national civil servants, as well as to members of the NGOs. 
The fees cover the cost of the course as well as coffee and lunch breaks. Travel and hotel costs are not included in the fees. 


Meet your Course Coordinator:


Luigi Narbone

Part-time Professor at the STG and Director of the Middle East Directions Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute. Previously, he was Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Saudi Arabia, and non-resident Ambassador to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait. He held positions in the EEAS; the DG for External Relations; the EC Delegations in the Russian Federation, Chile, and Turkey; the UN and the UNDP.