School of Transnational Governance

Learning from Conflicts: Approaches to Peace-Building and the Role of Europe - Second Edition

Learning from Conflicts: Participants and Instructors of the Second Edition

This Executive Training Seminar focuses on approaches to conflict resolution and peace-building and the role that Europe can play in these processes. The informed audience is exposed to insights from economics, political science, psychology and organisational behaviour, as well as to the input and experiences of practitioners and researchers with deep understanding of the selected case studies.

The Executive Training draws on practitioners’ experience and on the latest academic analysis and field-based research in three strategic areas: drivers of conflicts; political and economic dimensions of conflict resolution and peace-building; approaches to diplomacy and negotiation.

The participants will be immersed in a unique training where inputs for reflection and practical work will complement the comparative perspective adopted to focus on three conflicts: Syria, Colombia and Ukraine.

This Seminar is aimed at the training and networking of EU’s and EU Member States’ practitioners and policy-makers, working in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, mediation, prevention of violent extremism and humanitarian assistance, and to officials from member governments, EU institutions and international organizations, as well as to practitioners from the private sector and NGOs.